Insightful Exchange – A New Chapter

Photo of Paul Beal

I am delighted to announce leadership changes at Insightful Exchange that mark the beginning of a new chapter for the company. Effective May 2024, I will be transitioning from the role of Managing Director to become a strategic advisor  and focus on the delivery of Therapeutic Coaching to clients, I will remain a Director of the […]

Harnessing The Power of Diverse Team Strengths

Change and volatility within an organisation and from the external environment exert pressure on teams. Research shows that when a team possesses a diverse set of strengths, it is consistently more agile, able to adapt and achieves higher quality outcomes. Let’s look at how teams with a diverse set of strengths function differently, how to […]

A Christmas List for Leaders – Tips for wrapping up the year with your team

Wrapping christmas presents

As the end of the year approaches, it is an ideal opportunity for leaders to acknowledge and celebrate the collective achievements of their teams. These five handy tips encourage your team to finish the year on a positive note and set the tone for a motivated and productive start to the new year. Recognise the […]

Nurturing Your Mental Health: World Mental Health Day Reflections

Reminding people to breath and look after their mental health

“Self-compassion and self-care are not selfish, they are selfless”. Today, on World Mental Health Day, it is timely to give some thought to some approaches to managing your mental health. Connection with self : Making regular connections with our feelings is good practice for our mental health and well-being. We are often tempted to bury […]

Top 5 Tips to Improve Happiness at Work

Happiness painted on the pavement

A high-quality working life is the foundation of a fulfilling and enriching professional experience.  By improving happiness at work, leaders can enhance overall well-being and productivity.   As a leader, you have a significant influence on the day-to-day work experience of each member of your team, your role is pivotal in shaping their quality of work […]

International Happiness Happens Month: Happiness at work

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In today’s world, we spend a significant amount of our time working, so the concept of happiness at work is important. It is much more than an occasional chat, or a casual laugh shared with colleagues; a high-quality working life is a combination of factors that create a fulfilling and enriching professional experience.   As we […]

Unleashing Potential: Three Reasons Why Coaching Works

Growth and development

In a dynamic environment, individuals, teams, and leaders face challenges and transitions that can leave them feeling overwhelmed and uncertain in how to move ahead. This is where coaching steps in as a powerful tool, to assist individuals and teams during times of change, enabling them to overcome obstacles and navigate transitions effectively. In this […]

It’s good to talk

How are you really?

Whether you are a manager, a peer or a direct report, there are going to be situations at work that cause to you become stressed. It could be an incident, a difficult interaction, a stressful meeting, or a challenging relationship. The simple act of talking to somebody – a qualified coach or a counsellor or […]