Empowering personal transformation
Our lives are full of challenges, transitions, and change and sometimes we don’t feel equipped to deal with such obstacles. Coaching focuses on an individual’s strengths to explore their professional and personal goals and objectives. This enables an individual to build insight, adapt and modify behaviours to fulfil their full potential.

Coaching can be used as a standalone development opportunity or integrated into a wider programme of leadership development and cultural change. Coaching interventions can have a profound impact on an individual, team and wider organisation.

Team Coaching

Team coaching is our approach to developing teams. We have a proven track record in helping teams to embrace their individual strengths and leadership behaviours to grow; empowering the team to manage its own development conversations leading to performance improvements and professional growth.
Who is it for?
Team coaching programmes are ideal for those groups who wish to go on a journey of self-improvement. We work with you to define your team purpose, your identity and to describe your preferred leadership style and approach that will deliver the results you need.

"The team coaching programme helped me develop as a leader and to understand the strengths and challenges in my team."

Therapeutic coaching

Therapeutic coaching integrates counselling and coaching methodologies. We work with individuals to identify and navigate the underlying obstacles that are hindering growth. Through this process, we empower clients to develop strategies to achieve their goals for personal and professional success.
Who is it for?
Therapeutic coaching is ideal for individuals that need support in overcoming issues that are impeding growth. We help them to work through these obstacles and gain the insight needed to adapt their behaviours to achieve their goals.

"Therapeutic coaching was a game changer for me. I did not appreciate how much my past experiences were limiting my future growth. Dealing with challenges that were holding me back has been transformative."

Executive Coaching

This highly tailored practice is focused on providing a safe and structured environment in which to support the coachee. We take a person-centred approach to Executive coaching, working with your strengths to enhance your personal performance as an Executive working in a Board environment.
Who is it for?
Executive Coaching is ideal for anyone going through challenges or change in the work place and those looking for help in setting personal and professional goals in order to develop their skills in a Board setting.

"100% of our Executive Coaching Clients reported that coaching supported them to achieve their objectives."

Leadership Coaching

Using a person-centred approach, our leadership coaching programmes are designed to provide a professional development outcome, helping leaders to obtain and develop new skills and insight, which can be used to improve their performance and enhance how they engage and lead their teams.

Who is it for?
Leadership Coaching is aimed at new and existing leaders to help them develop their leadership skills further to move from operational management to leadership.

"This was my first experience of coaching, I found it to be excellent and I’m definitely a convert"

Coaching Skills

Our programmes are designed to encourage leaders to ask the right questions, be brave and authentic to support their teams to improved performance. A leader who can coach his/her colleagues is respected and more appreciated and can pave the way to being a successful team.
Who is it for?
Our Coaching Skills programmes are perfect for those leaders who want to help teams and individuals within their organisation improve and develop.

"100% of alumni from our Coaching Skills Programme report a significant growth in confidence in holding coaching conversations with their teams."

Xpress Coaching

This innovative, short-term intervention provides individuals with support to explore a current challenge with an impartial, objective thinking partner. Our Xpress sessions are focused, impactful and create a space for the individual to identify a way forward to address their challenge in a safe space which is both convenient and flexible.

Who is it for?

Ideal for individuals and teams in busy settings who are experiencing a period of challenge or change; Xpress coaching can scale to support multiple individuals and teams across an organisation.

Sessions are commissioned as a tailored package designed specifically to meet the needs of an organisation and are then available to employees to book directly with our coaches. These are short, focused coaching sessions where the coachee feels supported and challenged to achieve their goal.

"100% of Xpress Coaching participants stated that the session met their coaching need."