Team Performance


Teams need time to understand their collective goals and facilitate the journey to achievement. Our work is founded in establishing the team’s strengths and exploring how to use them to their best advantage.

We work with an appreciative, strengths-based approach that has consistently delivered results, built self-awareness and demonstrated a change in behaviours that have an impact at individual, team and organisational levels.

Team Coaching

We have a proven track record in helping teams to embrace their individual strengths and leadership behaviours to grow; empowering the team to manage its own development conversations leading to performance improvements and professional growth. We work with you to define your team purpose and identity, then to describe your preferred leadership style and approach that will deliver the results you need.

Who is it for?
Team coaching programmes are ideal for those teams who wish to go on an action focused journey of self-improvement.

"The team coaching programme helped me develop as a leader and to understand the strengths and challenges in my team."

Team Development

Time together as a team to review and reflect whilst focusing on the future is vital. Teams that dedicate time to developing together have high resilience and consistently perform better. We have vast experience working with teams in every stage of their development and our approach enables growth, perspective and increased productivity.
Who is it for?
Team development is relevant for senior leadership teams as well as operational, clinical and frontline teams. It enables them to connect, build trust, celebrate successes and face challenges together.

“The time we spent as a team to share, learn, listen and understand each other better was invaluable, it has informed how we will move forward together… we’ve gained enormously from this as a team – thank you Insightful Exchange.”

Team Diagnostics

Teams perform differently under a range of circumstances and when addressing diverse challenges. Understanding preferences and strengths within a team builds trust and drives performance, unlocks potential, identifies existing untapped talent and provides insight for the future. We offer a range of diagnostic tools to bring multiple perspectives to team performance and team effectiveness.
Who is it for?

A journey of discovery using team diagnostics is ideal for those teams who are ready to develop plans to achieve their potential and maximise performance.

Team Dynamics

Navigating challenges as a team can create behaviours and ways of working that may not always support the team’s objectives. Understanding the underpinning dynamics and culture within a team can enable individuals to develop different perspectives and interact in constructive ways to support team achievements. We use a facilitated approach to support teams to build a collective understanding of their dynamics.

Who is it for?

Teams who want to explore how their team operates so they can develop strategies to address challenges and build healthy ways of working will benefit most from this programme.