What our clients say
We have worked with a range of clients within the Health and Social Care in the last few years. We strive to deliver a high-quality bespoke service and have received some wonderful feedback.

Leadership Development Programmes

"The experience very rewarding and would definitely recommend it to other Boards. Skilled facilitation challenged and encouraged us and the output will make a real difference to both the board and the trust going forward."

"I would highly recommend working with Insightful Exchange to support culture change."

"The Insightful Exchange team work at both a strategic and operational level, with an engaging and challenging style, to make change a reality."

"I would recommend Insightful Exchange to any Trust considering culture change programmes, their style is challenging and engaging and delivers exceptional results."

"I would recommend Insightful Exchange for any senior workforce and Organisational Development needs; the approach ensures the delivery of a people agenda whilst ensuring the organisation meets its strategic objectives."

"Insightful Exchange are experienced and skilled professionals that engages teams and staff on a journey of change and transformation. I would recommend Insightful Exchange for any culture change consultancy projects in the future."

"The support guidance and expertise, through individual coaching and teamwork, was of an extremely high standard and fundamental to the turnaround of what was a failing clinical service."

"Through a series of workshops to facilitate discussion to resolve a problem in the service, Insightful Exchange built a rapport with a varied group of staff that was very disengaged to develop a plan to address the issues going forward."

“I would recommend Insightful Exchange to potential clients who may be considering organisational development programmes. Their approach and style are both challenging and engaging and they have a drive to deliver programmes whilst taking people with them.”

“The Managing Director’s approach was collaborative, supportive and engaging to providing the Executive Team with solutions to workforce issues, he is driven, works through barriers and has a solid track record of delivery.”

Coaching Programmes

‘The coaching has really helped my ability to undertake my role, improved my resilience and focused on my personal development’

‘My coach was excellent, both empathetic and challenging, I felt supported to work through some wicked problems’

‘This was my first experience of coaching, I found it to be excellent and I’m definitely a convert’

‘Starting coaching was very timely for me as I had just started a new role, huge thanks to my coach for the support I received’

‘My coach was great, I was challenged and helped to develop my own style and to have confidence in that’

'The team coaching programme helped me develop as a leader and to understand the strengths and challenges in my team.'