Overcoming Obstacles

In the world of work, there are times when a situation escalates into a challenge that needs to be addressed. It could be an individual struggling to achieve their full potential or a team that needs guidance on finding their focus in a time of transition. An external party can be the key to formulating a way forward and reaching a sustainable solution.

Difficult Relationships

Relationships are the foundation to working together successfully and achieving results. Maintaining relationships is vital to effective communication, supportive working cultures and organisational success.

We support individuals to explore difficulties in relationships from a coaching perspective, enabling them to reflect on the current state and plan a way forward to where a productive functioning relationship can be sustained.

Who is it for?
Individuals who are experiencing challenging working relationships that are not functioning effectively would benefit most from this intervention.

Navigating Change

Driven by any number of external or internal factors, change can make people uncomfortable, cause tension and impact the effectiveness and mindset of the team, service or organisation.
Our programmes focus on helping individuals and teams understand what is creating resistance and how to develop strategies that enable acceptance, maintain a sense of stability and identity in a dynamic situation and build momentum to navigate change successfully.
Who is it for?
This intervention would most benefit individuals who are experiencing difficulties with change.

Individual Support

Formal processes can be stressful, barriers can form that hinder constructive communication, limit engagement and delay the conclusion of the process.
We can combine our professional background with our coaching approach to support and enable individuals to navigate complex situations and move towards achieving an outcome that provides clarity and a way forward for all parties.
Who is it for?
Individuals who may be involved in situations or processes at work where they would benefit from an external, impartial listener to support them to navigate challenging circumstances.

Growing Confidence

Maintaining pace alongside a dynamic and evolving set of circumstances can create a sense of vulnerability. Taking the time to create space to think, reflect and navigate through challenges can reduce that sense of vulnerability and build confidence. We offer a solution-driven approach to explore abilities, consider alignment of values and create strategies to build confidence, maximise relationships and enhance an individual’s perspective on the world of work.
Who is it for?
Individuals who feel their confidence levels at work are reducing would benefit most from this approach.