Enhancing Capability

There are skills that leaders need to be successful in their day-to-day role. Learning these and how to use them effectively helps them identify and address any potential issues, before they can have a negative impact on individuals or the team. By modelling these skills, they are also able to inspire others to modify their behaviours as they face challenges.
Our programmes are designed to encourage leaders to have courageous conversations, ask the right questions, be brave and authentic to lead their teams to enhanced performance.

Difficult Conversations

Open and honest communication builds trust and respect, fostering stronger and more cohesive teams. Positioning and managing a challenging conversation are key skills as a leader. Our programme enables participants to understand their personality preferences and how they can adapt to working with different personalities to navigate challenging conversations with confidence and empathy.
Who is it for?
This programme is ideal for leaders and team members that need to have conversations that are challenging but essential to resolving conflict and building authentic and productive relationships.

Coaching Skills

Taking an individual or a team on a journey to achieve objectives can be challenging. A coaching approach empowers individuals to take ownership and commit to actions that will support improvement. We support and encourage leaders to ask considered, impactful questions that will unlock potential to improve performance. A leader who can coach his/her colleagues is respected and more appreciated and can pave the way to being a successful team.
Who is it for?
Our Coaching Skills programmes are perfect for those leaders who want to support teams and individuals within their organisation improve and develop.

"100% of alumni from our Coaching Skills Programme report a significant growth in confidence in holding coaching conversations with their teams."

Facilitation Skills

Facilitation is key to a team’s performance. With the right skills, a leader can create an environment that supports the active participation needed to improve problem-solving, drive greater creativity and foster a stronger, more cohesive team dynamic. Our programme equips leaders with the strategies and skills necessary to break down barriers, encourage interaction, and navigate challenging dynamics, ensuring collaborative and successful outcomes.

Who is it for?

Our Facilitation Skills programme is ideal for leaders that want to encourage the behaviours and circumstances that empower a team to achieve its goals.

Leading a Team

Leading and managing a team can be both rewarding and challenging. Enhancing people management skills such as motivating others, communicating clearly, resolving conflict and delegation can enhance collaboration, and drive performance, ultimately creating a positive workplace culture.

Our Team Leadership Programme provides the key elements for leaders to engage teams and build confidence in the essential people management elements of team leadership.
Who is it for?

Leaders who want to build confidence in people management skills and develop techniques to engage individuals in collective objectives.