Developing Leaders

Building insight to create impact
Leaders who lead from a place of compassion and authenticity will contribute more than just success to their teams and organisation. We support and develop leaders to understand how to influence and inspire their teams to be at their best. We believe that self-awareness is equally important to understand the impact of your behaviours on other around you.

We work with an appreciative, strengths-based approach as an integral element of our leadership development programmes. This approach has consistently delivered results, building self-awareness and demonstrating a change in behaviours at individual, team and organisational levels.

Board Development

From functional to high performing
Research evidences indicates that a highly-performing Board is the backbone of an organisation’s success. The Board shapes the culture of an organisation and sets the standards for leadership behaviours that create trust and commitment. We design and deliver programmes to support you to reach your full potential as one cohesive team, with each member contributing to the Board’s performance.

"The experience was very rewarding and would I would definitely recommend it to other Boards. Skilled facilitation challenged and encouraged us, the output will make a real difference to both the Board and the Trust going forward."

Executive Development

leading with compassion and care

Leadership is not about authority; it is an opportunity for people who want to make a difference to inspire others to lead. Leaders who lead with compassion and utilise their strengths have the greatest impact on people and teams. Our programmes are founded in compassionate leadership, this approach encourages leaders to bring their true selves to their role in order to achieve their full potential and inspire others around them.

“The approach employed by Insightful Exchange was collaborative, supportive and engaging to providing the Executive Team with solutions to workforce issues. They are driven, work through barriers and have a solid track record of delivery.”

Team Development

Exploring and enhancing strengths

We have vast experience working with teams in every stage of their development and believe it is essential for teams to have time together. This is relevant for senior leadership teams as well as operational, clinical and frontline teams and is vital for growth, perspective and productivity not to mention enabling teams to connect, build trust, celebrate successes and face challenges together.

Our coaching approach is supported by research evidence; we take time to understand the collective goals and facilitate the journey to achievement. Our work is founded in establishing the team’s strengths and explore how to use them to their best advantage.

“The time we spent as a team to share, learn, listen and understand each other better was invaluable, it has informed how we will move forward together… we’ve gained enormously from this as a team – thank you Insightful Exchange.”