10 July 2024

Embracing Change – Insights from Our New Managing Director John Monahan

In our latest blog post, our new Managing Director John Monahan shares his reflections on his first few weeks in the position and outlines what to expect from Insightful Exchange moving forward.

Your Journey So Far: How have your first two months been?

The past couple of months have been intriguing as I adjusted to my new role and gained fresh insights into the business and our clients’ needs. I am very conscious of the legacy I have inherited and the importance of continuing to build the business while keeping people at the centre of everything that we do.

Influences on Your New Role: What has been shaping your thinking?

Change is a dominant theme at the moment. We have experienced significant shifts in our operating environment in a relatively short period, making it an exciting time for us. The recent change in government has many processing what the impact on various aspects of life and work will be. There are promising signs in the national economy, providing an opportunity to reassess and refocus our priorities.

Impact on Insightful Exchange: What do these changes mean for the company?

For Insightful Exchange, the changing political landscape and prevailing sentiments offer a chance to reflect on our services and ensure they align with our clients’ needs. Our focus and direction start with understanding our clients and determining how we can support them best. Considering the broader economic and political changes, coupled with client feedback, we have refined some of our established services and introduced new offerings to help individuals and teams overcome obstacles and achieve success.

Expanding Our Services: What new services are being offered?

We have refined and  broadened our service portfolio in response to client demand and where we have the experience and expertise to deliver impactful results:

  • Developing Leaders: Leadership development is central to our business. We support leaders at all levels, from frontline manager to executive directors, to lead with authenticity and confidence.
  • Coaching: Coaching allows individuals to explore their professional and personal goals and objectives. Our services enable these individuals and teams to build insight and make the changes needed to achieve their full potential.
  • Team Performance: We have a strong track record in supporting teams. Our expanded services help teams perform at their best and collaborate effectively.
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Leveraging our team’s extensive experience in HR, OD, coaching, therapeutic coaching, and counseling, we offer services to navigate challenging workplace situations.
  • Enhancing Capability: This suite of services develops fundamental leadership skills, fostering confidence and authenticity.

If you are interested in discussing any of our new offerings, please reach out to schedule a call.