31 March 2022


The world has been in turmoil since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020 and as a society, we have all had to adapt quickly in order to keep our businesses and lives going. At Insightful Exchange we specialise in working with people to help them identify and achieve their goals. As you can imagine, being in lockdown has meant we have had to be more flexible in how we deliver our programmes.

Coping Remotely

Many reluctant businesses have had their hands forced by the pandemic when it comes to flexible working capabilities. We have always been keen to promote a hybrid way of working and this has enabled us to deliver programmes in person, remotely and to a schedule that suits our clients.

We believe the hybrid is here to stay and so all businesses will need to be able to cope with the trust and motivation required for such a transition. We have designed a methodology with which we engage, diagnose, co-design, deliver and evaluate our programmes to ensure we meet your client’s needs.

Our tried and tested methodology.

However, is there really any substitute for face-to-face interaction? We don’t think so. Humans are social creatures and the need to connect in the flesh is deep-seated in our nature.


With the lifting of the social distancing restrictions, we have been out running programmes in person more and more. There are still a few organisations that still require a more remote approach; however, this is more to do with convenience than any anxiety about infection rates.

Recently, we ran a programme for an organisational team of professionals in South Gloucestershire. This presented the perfect opportunity for one of our associates to return to in-person facilitation having predominantly worked remotely for the last two years.

This real, lived experience gave her a familiarity with the cohort who were transitioning back to in-person working. This is what she had to say:

As someone who gets a lot of energy from being around other people, from connecting and engaging, I had an exciting start to my week – a day of facilitating a senior leadership team development, in person, with Paul Beal, Managing Director of Insightful Exchange.

Paul and Ruth

This was my first time facilitating in person since before the COVID pandemic, and it felt like a real privilege – especially to be present as some of the team met for the very first time, despite working closely together in a pressurised environment for almost 2 years. There are lots of statistics around increased productivity and remote working, but no one in the room with us was in any doubt about the added value of in-person human connection and the impact it has on team dynamics and communication. Everyone, myself included, left the day feeling more connected and motivated than when we arrived

Our Managing Director Paul Beal stated:

“It’s such a pleasure to be back in the room with teams who have not had any time to reflect and re- connect in the last 2 years. Our role is to support them to re- build relationship and re- connect in a psychologically safe environment. Then the magic happens in the room!”

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