When we talk about coaching our clients, we often focus on the clients’ side of the equation, after all, most of our readers are potential clients rather than existing coaches. We tend to look at the client’s perspective, how valuable coaching is to them, and what they achieve from coaching; but we rarely look at it from our side of the table.

We’d like to take a look at our Xpress Coaching programme and what it looks like from the coach’s perspective. This innovative format of coaching has proven extremely popular for people looking to optimise their time and get the most out of coaching sessions.   If you or your team are in need of some help processing what is going on at the moment, make sure you get in touch with us on 07854 315 665 or email us to find out how we can assist with your employees’ well-being at work.

What is Xpress Coaching

In case you missed our previous blog, Xpress Coaching sessions are 45-minute standalone sessions which have been developed to help people work on a specific challenge or issue. They are short and focused and enable the coachee to walk away with actionable solutions to issues they are facing in their day-to-day lives. Xpress Coaching sessions are perfect for virtual delivery and their agile nature means that they provide the coachee with flexible ways to learn, reflect and develop.

From the Coach’s chair

Working in this manner for a coach can be extremely rewarding. Xpress Coaching gives us the rare opportunity to work across multiple sectors and with a diverse pool of people over relatively short-term relationships. We get to see big changes in a short amount of time.

Working with diverse clients in standalone sessions is also a fantastic challenge. Coaching in such short bursts requires agility and skill and above all, a person-centred approach – we need to work along the entire spectrum of coaching, all in the moment. It is important to push ourselves and stretch our professional legs when it comes to helping people with their challenges. Xpress Coaching does just that, we get the opportunity to refine our skills and help our clients in real-time.

Xpress Coaching is also an excellent starting block for many people who are curious about how coaching might impact them and gives them an insight into how they could use a coach as part of their personal and professional development in the longer term.

It does what it says

Xpress Coaching demands high levels of focus and concentration from the coach, it encourages us to use our full range of skills and experience and is one of the most satisfying experiences in our service offering; above all our clients consistently tell us that Xpress Coaching provides an invaluable opportunity to reflect, learn and develop in a timely, focused session – it does what it says on the tin.

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