12 August 2021

Xpress Coaching

How valuable could 45 minutes with a coach really be? We take a look at how our Xpress coaching sessions have benefitted some of those frontline clinicians during the pandemic

For many people the idea of being ‘coached’ conjures images of a many sessions with an experienced coach, spending time exploring why and how they can reach the goals they aspire to. Contemporary approaches to coaching can be a lot more creative and don’t involve deep exploration to achieve that lightbulb moment.

The role of a coach is no longer to bombard you with information and expect you to implement what you’ve learned immediately; we are much more people-orientated and work with individuals and teams in order to help them grow their talent and achieve their potential.

There is no magic potion for achieving success, in our experience we have discovered that people learn in different ways; what works for one set of professionals may cause others to baulk. That’s why we offer a range of executive and leadership coaching solutions.

A nibble of knowledge

Busy teams rarely have entire days to spare learning new skills and anything that takes that long usually increases the pressure on the team to still get their day jobs done.

We have developed a method that focusses on getting the most out of short, succinct coaching sessions.

Our Xpress Coaching sessions are standalone coaching sessions which are focused and setup to fill just 45 minutes of a typical work day. We have delivered more than 300 of these sessions which are perfectly built to deliver virtually; so, whether your teams are working from home or in the office, they can benefit from these flexible ways to learn, reflect and develop.

Xpress Coaching Sessions have the added benefit of being responsive. Sometimes there is an issue that an individual needs help with there and then; the reactive nature of our Xpress sessions can enable individual leaders to discuss current challenges or issues in a single session or potentially a short series of sessions.

How we’ve helped

We work with the NHS and the health professionals within and have had some incredible feedback from this innovative method of coaching. The pandemic has put our NHS and its staff members under tremendous pressure; for more than 18 months these heroes have been keeping Covid-19 under control while working in some of the most hostile environments in recent history.

We believe that giving leaders, managers, and clinicians a safe psychological space to process their thoughts and feelings is invaluable in these challenging times; and happily, this was confirmed by the feedback we received when one specific series was evaluated by our client within the NHS.

We were working predominantly with clinical staff during this difficult period. It was made clear to us that our sessions were directly impactful on the frontline – helping leaders and their teams deal with the extreme circumstances of a global pandemic while providing them the safe space they needed to clear their heads for the next challenge.

Don’t just take our word for it

Research conducted after our sessions found that 95% of participants felt their needs were met in just one session. We found that our focused sessions helped the attendees develop initiatives that they could use in their own development and, that the opportunity to speak openly and in confidence enabled them to come up with solutions to their immediate challenges.

Some attendees spoke about the timing of this programme of coaching sessions as coming “just when I needed them most” leading on to mention that the opportunity to take part in this manner of coaching more often would be well-received.

We found that these healthcare professionals were feeling as though the coaching sessions enabled them to reset and therefore approach new challenges with new vigour and a clear mind. As coaches, this is music to our ears and shows just how valuable a short session can be for those in high pressure situations.

How does it work?

Do you think that our Xpress Coaching programme could suit your organisation’s requirements? The sessions are commissioned as a tailored package designed specifically to meet the needs of your organisation. The coaching sessions are then available to your employees to book directly with our coaches. This means that you, as the organisation control how many sessions you commission and how you offer them to those individuals or teams you believe will benefit the most.

If you would like to speak to us about our Xpress Coaching sessions for your team or your organisation, get in touch and we’d be delighted to guide you through our options.

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