10 August 2021

The importance of reconnecting with your team

For the first time in 18 months, we were able to get together with our associates. Our latest #coachingblog looks at the importance of reconnecting after the pandemic. Check out our latest post on LinkedIn.

With Covid-19 restrictions lifting and the world getting back on its feet, we took the opportunity to leave our leafy suburb and venture into the City for the first time in more than a year! The occasion? It was time for our company update but really it was an opportunity to properly reconnect with our wonderful team of associates whom we have only seen through grainy video and stuttering internet connections in the past 18 months.

Once we had shaken off our shock at the price of train tickets, we were able to take in the surreality of the situation in which we found ourselves. A rush hour train into central London which was only half-full at best and a definite atmosphere of uncertainty. The lockdowns will really take some time to overcome.

Humans in Leadership

This got us to thinking about just how important reconnecting with our team would be. Yes, along with the rest of the world, we have adopted video conferencing to conduct certain aspects of our business; but the real value, especially when you work in a people-centric industry like us, is the pressing of flesh and meeting in real life.

In leadership there are few more powerful ways to reconnect with your team than in the flesh. We took the time to catch up, discuss business development and share stories as a team. This is something that we all took for granted pre-covid but now it has become a breath of fresh air in our business lives.

A Social Finale

Naturally, we all stayed vigilant when it came to hand sanitiser and there was some initial unease regarding distancing but we found a happy balance and it was a most productive and fulfilling day.

We chose to host our session at Friends House at Euston Road which is a beautiful, characterful Quaker building steeped in history. We even took the opportunity to have lunch together as a team which overran somewhat, but reiterated how important reconnecting was to us all.

It was a fantastic day and reminded us all that human connection and relationships really is what leadership is all about!

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