8 March 2022

International Women’s Day

We believe that in order to become good coaches it’s valuable to reflect on our own experiences and, with today being International Women’s Day, our MD Paul Beal has been reflecting on the women who have strongly influenced and inspired him in his life.

A Personal Reflection

On this day, I’m reflecting on the women who have greatly inspired me and been a strong influence in my life. It sounds like an obvious statement but, the first inspirational woman was my mum; when I was growing up in Glasgow, she would always have a view on whatever I was doing and was never shy of sharing her thoughts to help bring perspective to any situation. Sadly, she is not with me now to see what I have achieved in my life so far, and I often wonder what she’d have to say.

I have also had the privilege of working for some of the most incredible female leaders in my career all of whom inspired, supported/challenged, and encouraged me on my journey. They include Monica, my first boss who motivated me to reach higher; Debs who recruited me as her Deputy Director of HR while empowering me to be creative and courageous, and Claire a CEO for whom I worked and who possessed leadership qualities that I believe define how we should behave as NHS leaders – a true role model.

For me, the most effective leaders have compassion, and the ability to listen and empathise with their team. Leadership sits at every level in a team and an organisation. It’s the role of our senior leaders to create an inclusive culture which allows people to grow and develop in their roles.

Today, let’s celebrate women, diversity, and acceptance as a community.

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