12 December 2021

A Year in Review – 2021

What a year! We have been flat out since the beginning of 2021 and wanted to take a moment to look back and reflect on what has been a somewhat challenging time, but not without its highlights. Read more in our latest #coachingblog

Like many small businesses, 2021 has proven quite the challenge for us here at Insightful Exchange. Working with clients in Health and Care, we have seen first-hand the impact that the last 24 months has had on not only those working on the frontlines of the pandemic but also individuals throughout the health system.

We wanted to take a moment to look back on this year in a positive light and look at how we have, and have helped others to get through this challenging time.


Even in this challenging time, it is important to celebrate and recognise our achievements.

As part of our coaching offering, we developed our bitesize coaching model and delivered more than 300 sessions to NHS staff members. We have had some amazing feedback from individuals who have participated in bitesize coaching sessions; notably delegates left feeling empowered, refocused and many recognised the benefit of coaching on a more regular basis.

We have also had great success in delivering our Executive and Leadership coaching programme as well as our CPD sessions with clients across the country.

Our Leadership Development programmes have been delivered to Public Health teams to support and develop their team purpose and delivery model, as well as maternity units to empower a collaborative approach.

We have had many positive changes to our business. We have brought Helen Dickie into the business who has quickly settled in as our new Business Manager; she has revolutionised how we work and has improved our efficiency immeasurably. We have also committed to improving our online presence and digital marketing activities by engaging with Jaijo Creative, who will also be revamping our website in the new year.


It goes without saying that the primary challenge we have faced this year has been Covid-19 and the impact it has had on our business model. The uncertainty within the NHS has been at levels we have never seen before; with staff members stretched to their limit which always impacts on development activity.  

We have adapted how we deliver our work, blending our approach with both face-to-face opportunities and working online. As experienced professionals, we are at our best when we connect and build relationships with those that we work with – thankfully we have had a great deal of success in transferring that in-person connection into a blended format.

This relatively new way of working has enabled us to offer even more support –  delivering an increased number of development programmes and coaching sessions more efficiently while maintaining high levels of quality and success.


As we mentioned before we have been growing our team and our bank of expertise; engaging people with specific skills in order to get the best performance from our business.

We now have a team of nine Associates who bring huge value in the form of new skills and diverse backgrounds with different perspectives to ensure that we have a holistic approach to our services.


We experienced using the NHS first-hand, and were amazed at just how outstanding the NHS was. It was a welcome reminder that good leadership, care and compassion are values which are at the core of good patient care.

We spent some time during these tumultuous months reflecting on the importance of being agile and meeting the needs of our clients. We think that in doing so, we have supported teams and individuals to get through the last twenty months by offering person-centred support, listening, and being empathetic to our clients.

2022- What next for us all

Like everyone else we are desperate to get this pandemic out of the way so that we can start to return to some sort of normality – whatever that may look like when the time comes. Most predictions suggest that it will be late spring/early summer before we can start to look forward with more optimism, this is according to the senior clinicians we have contact with. So, like many of you, our focus will be on surviving the next 3-6 months.

Taking some time

As we recommend in most of our coaching programmes, some kind of reflection is extremely important in recovering from the traumatic period we have been going through. Christmas we be a time to reflect, slow down and be with our families this year. What comes with this level of challenge and change, is learning for us all to be kind and compassionate.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and look forward to connecting in the New Year

Paul, John and Helen

The Insight Exchange leadership team

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