12 November 2021

The Gift of 45 minutes

Did you know that just 45 minutes out of your day to learn, reflect and reset could have huge benefits to your teams’ well-being. Find out more in our latest #coachingblog

We live in a fast-paced, unforgiving world and nowhere is this more evident than in the health sector. Many of our clients are based in this sector and so, we get to see first-hand the impact of difficult times on the well-being of their staff and teams.

The last two years have been challenging for the wider society in general, but within the healthcare system there has been unprecedented pressure on the professionals who are employed within the NHS with the relentless nature of their workload.

A Time Out

Taking a moment out of a working day to learn, reflect and develop can be hugely beneficial to an individual, not to mention the context within which they work. Forty-Five minutes sounds like a tiny amount of time in which to achieve anything, but it can have a huge impact.

Our Bitesize Coaching sessions are standalone 45-minute sessions which are focused and designed to fit into a typical working day. Most people view coaching as a long-term process which can take months to conduct, but that’s not the case with Bitesize Coaching.

These 45-minute sessions are designed to give leaders, managers, and clinicians a safe psychological space to process their thoughts and feelings; during periods of extreme pressure and stress, taking a moment to discuss whatever is on your mind and reset gives individuals the opportunity to view situations from a different perspective.

Productivity and Wellbeing

We have run more than 200 Bitesize Coaching sessions which are perfect for those pressured individuals who may view coaching as a luxury. Working digitally, we are able to give the individual the ability to take time out from their busy day to take a breath, reflect and refocus while still being at work. While this might sound counter intuitive, but it gives the individual the opportunity to return to their working day having reset and articulated a way forward for themselves.

Healthcare professionals who have been helped by the Bitesize Coaching have said that the programme was accessible at “just the right time” for them and that they would like to have regular sessions in order to form part of their coping mechanism. A wonderful side-benefit of commissioning such a programme is that you are actively demonstrating that you are happy to invest in your teams’ well-being by giving them the time and the resources for some self-care.

As well as benefiting well-being, the sessions can also have a positive impact on productivity. Bitesize Coaching sessions help refocus, reset and create a path forward. Helping people conquer obstacles and difficulties, whether they are intrinsic or external has a positive impact on how individuals feel about work and about those they work with, leading to a more productive working environment.


Our Bitesize Coaching sessions are responsive. They are commissioned as a tailored package and designed specifically to meet the needs of your organisation. As the business leader you control how many sessions you commission and how you offer them to those individuals or teams you believe will benefit the most.

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