20 July 2022

Let’s get creative

Creativity is defined as the ability to transcend traditional ideas of thinking or acting, and to create new and original ideas, methods or objects.

The COVID-19 pandemic, its restrictions and lockdowns, forced us to re-evaluate everything we do in life and how we do it. We weren’t prepared, however; we had to accept the uncertainty quickly. This sudden restriction to our lives posed a challenge to our daily routines, and forced us to think differently, push boundaries, and find innovative solutions at home and at work. Creativity played an important role in helping us to do so. 

Creativity is defined as the ability to transcend traditional ideas of thinking or acting, and to create new and original ideas, methods or objects.

The Pandemic brought many things to the world of work, highs, lows, and change. Creativity at work was one important factor that came to the fore along with positive thinking and having the motivation to carry on. They go hand in hand together, a positive mood leads to motivation which enables creativity, while problem solving creatively can lead to a positive mood and feeling motivated. Something that was so greatly needed to get through this period of our lives. Creativity is available to everyone – do you know how to maximise your creative strengths? 

If you or your team are in need of some help with motivating yourself or others to unleash your potential to generate or recognise new ideas, find alternative ways of thinking and see possibilities for problem solving make sure you get in touch with us on 07854 315 665 or email us to find out how we can assist with your and your employees’ creativity at work.

Problem solving in the unknown

How did it feel to be creative in problem solving? Did you step out of your comfort zone? What did you learn about yourself? 

Research evidence tells us that we use different parts of our brain when we are being creative which forges new neural pathways, and in doing so we unleash potential and ultimately this can be highly satisfying when we see the result. 

In health and social care settings a challenge facing leaders is to role model creativity and enable yourself and your team the space and time to be creative in a busy and fast-moving environment. Creativity might seem to come naturally to some, some people may have stood out more than others, but it is something that anyone can tap into by giving it the time, effort and practice.

Life after the masks 

We can all see that the workplace has changed over the past two years, how do we not lose this creativity now that we’re in the ‘new normal’? As coaches, we help to tap into the skills to be creative, to lead and collaborate with others. We can often see things in ways that our coachees and clients miss. Creativity is a highly valued quality in our culture right now.

Working with groups and individuals alike, we have noticed that when they do take the time to think about their own ideas, remove negativity and communicate ideas effectively with each other it can help people see things in themselves and in others which may have otherwise been missed in the volume of everyday work. Innovation and creativity is crucial to the continuing success of each team and organisations.

Take some time to think about how you work as a team, how you lead, communicate and innovate – now ask yourself could you be more creative?

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