We always encourage others to take time to reflect, we thought we would share our reflections on the year that we have had so far. It has certainly been an enjoyably different year to date, meeting new people, adapting to an ever-changing environment whilst consolidating the advances we have made in how we deliver our work and the relationships we have built. 

We’ve adapted to how our clients are working in 2022, we’ve been agile in the way we work and also how we engage with participants in our programmes. We’ve celebrated bringing people together again in person, while also maintaining a virtual and also hybrid offer that has been working really well over the last few years. The work that we do is important to organisations, but also to the development of the individual leader and their team and wider teams within health and social care organisations. We have facilitated time and space for people to get together to deepen relationships, gain clarity, grow as individuals and drive forward as a team. 

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Meaningful Connections 

The Insightful Exchange team has grown. We’ve partnered with some incredibly talented individuals, who are aligned to our values and deliver our insights to clients to get the very best out of each and every participant in our development. 

We have built fantastic relationships with clients, old and new. We get to know each and every one on a personal level, understand their worlds, their challenges and aspirations to help them get the best out of themselves and from their teams. There is a richness to our connections and we’re proud that we are connected to inspiring, motivated and engaged individuals who want to make a difference.  

Focused Learning

We’ve learned a lot this year, we have had the opportunity to be creative, innovative and get back in the room together. We’ve been brave in our approach and design to meeting our clients’ needs. Adapting from our learning as we go to provide the best possible service and support to every client that we work with.

Our expanded team have each brought their own experiences, expertise and knowledge with them which is being shared, we’re getting together and we’re learning from each other. We’re creating approaches that will help us to deliver our bespoke, evidence-based solutions to support culture change that is so very needed.

Driving Curiosity

There’s always that question of ‘What’s next?’. We’re always thinking ahead in our approach to finding the right solutions for our clients. The environment is changing rapidly – not just structurally in Health and Social care but also the political environment is changing and of course, the cost of living is having a huge effect on businesses and within homes.  

As the summer break is upon us, we’re asking ourselves, ‘How will we support organisations to adapt and what development will our client’s teams and individual leaders need to navigate this complex and evolving picture?’. 

We’re taking our connections, learning and curiosity onboard to come back after the summer with insights that deliver for our clients in a way that works best for them.

One thing that the summer does bring to mind for many, and is so important for all, is to take a break. Have some time to restore and renew within and bring your best game into work when you’re back. We can’t wait to see you in September. 


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