Case Study

Board Development Programme

Our Team Development Programmes focus on leadership within healthcare. We facilitated and led a programme to transform a team from good to great.

The Challenge

We were commissioned to provide a development for a Trust Board. The trust in question is one of the largest in the country and covers seven counties which provided a real challenge for the programme. The programme was run over eight months and was led by our Managing Director, Paul Beal.

Our Solution

We designed and developed a bespoke Board Development Programme to help each board member build their own development plan before working with the Board to gain an understanding of where they were collectively in the journey. We designed a programme which would enable each Board member to realise their full potential and contribute to the improvement of the Board’s performance and to build trust.

The Action

We used diagnostic interviews to understand the challenges and potential blocks to bring them to the surface and deal with them at an individual and team level. We used diagnostic tools and 360 feedback, alongside individual a coaching sessions to allow the team members to reflect on their leadership style and behaviours.

This all culminated in a two-day development programme designed and facilitated by our team of consultants. According to the attendees, it was productive for the Board; it gave them dedicated time out to reflect on themselves, the team dynamics, ways of working, and to understand their strengths as a Board.

The Results

Our programme created time and space for the Board to reflect, to understand their challenges and work together productively throughout the two-day programme. The output of the programme has made a difference to the Board and the Trust on their journey of cultural change which saw improvements in their staff survey and changes in leadership at Board level.

The Feedback

This is what the Chair of the Board had to say:

‘The Board found the experience very rewarding and would definitely recommend it to other Boards.’