Case Study

Leadership Team Development

Our Team Development Programmes focus on leadership within healthcare. We facilitated and led a programme to transform a team from good to great.

The Challenge

We were commissioned to provide support for two regional leadership teams who were on path to streamline and merge to form a new organisation. The teams covered a large geographical area, each bringing specialist expertise but having limited knowledge of each others skills and qualities.

Our Solution

We designed and developed a bespoke development programme starting with facilitating each team member to recognise their own strengths and development areas before working collectively to build a team profile to support the future direction. We designed a programme to incrementally build relationships and trust to move from artificial harmony to effective relationships with a balance of challenge and support.

The Action

We completed a diagnostic phase with individual discover interviews to understand successes, challenges and potential blocks to developing individually and at team level. We used the Strengthscope strengths based tool and 360 feedback, alongside individual coaching sessions to enable individual team members to reflect on their leadership behaviours to enhance collaboration.

We designed a four day development programme over 12 months, led by our Managing Director and co-facilitated with our team of consultants. The participants found the facilitated time together invaluable, focusing on strengths, their dynamic and how they could embark on the future together.

The Results

Our programme created time and space for the team to build relationships, enhance trust and understand each other better. The participants worked together productively throughout the four day programme whilst developing a culture of support and constructive challenge. The output of the programme has enabled a smooth transition to the new organisation and senior leadership team with clear purpose and vision for the future.

The Feedback

This is what the NHS Regional Director had to say:

‘We are a much more cohesive team following this programme. We have had the opportunity to share feelings, think about our future together and our work to enable us to move forward.’