Developing individual, team and organisational capability

We offer consultancy expertise in Organisational Development and Human Resources.

Organisational Development

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We offer a range of organisational development interventions to support transformational and cultural change.

Culture Change

We work with clients to explore and define a culture that will deliver the best outcomes for their business and their stakeholders, we design effective strategic interventions to enable them to achieve their aspirations.

Organisational Design

We offer expertise to work with our clients to review services to meet the needs of the business. We take a transformational approach to developing new services, which improve the service delivery and delivers further efficiencies.

Organisational Development Interventions

We have extensive experience in diagnosing, designing and delivering interventions to support development strategically and operationally. We work with our clients to define clear outcomes and agree inclusive approaches to ensure all stakeholders are engaged in development activity.

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Human Resources

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We offer a range of HR consultancy services to support the business to take a contemporary approach to the management of your people and talent.

Programmes of Change

We offer leadership and support to our clients on programmes to make a transformational change. We will support the diagnostic, development and delivery working with all stakeholders to achieve the best outcome.

HR Development

We offer a service to review your organisation’s approach to HR, ensuring this fits your organisation’s objectives and culture. We have expertise in implementing the HR business partner model to move from traditional to contemporary approaches to HRM. We also offer an end to end HR investigations service.

Conflict Resolution

We have developed an approach to mediation working with parties to resolve issues at an early stage. Through a facilitated discussion, we support parties to find a future focused resolution by understanding each other’s needs and expectations.