Developing individual, team and organisational capability

Human Resources

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We offer a range of HR consultancy services to support the business, line managers and HR professionals to take a contemporary approach to the management of your people and talent.

Change Programmes

We offer leadership and support to our clients on change programmes including the diagnostic, development and delivery stages working to make a transformational change. We will support managing the process, consultations, assessment process, trade unions and any potential redeployment or redundancies, which may transpire.

HR Policy Development

We offer a service to review your HR policies and procedures in light of employment legislation and best practice ensuring they fit to your organisations objectives and culture. Our approach is contemporary to human resources management.

HR Business Partnering

We have expertise in implementing the HR business partner model to move from a traditional approach to HRM to a contemporary approach of HRM. This is a creative interpretation of the model to meet the challenges we face to recruit and retain talent.


We will carryout investigations following your HR policies and procedures. We offer an end-to-end service. We will do this in a timely manner ensuring business needs are met and reducing the impact on individuals.

Maintaining High Professional Standards (MHPS) - Investigations for NHS Medical Staff

We have significant experience of MHPS working with organisations to manage this complex process, which applies to medical staff and consultants in the NHS.

Organisational Development

See what our clients say.

We offer a range of organisational development interventions to support transformational and cultural change.

Organisational Design

We offer expertise to work with our clients to review services to meet the needs of the business. We take a transformational approach to developing new services, which improve the service delivery and delivers further efficiencies.

Leadership Development

We work with clients to develop leadership programmes; we have a passion for compassionate leadership based on research evidence to deliver cultural change.

Management Development

We offer management develop to support line managers to develop their confidence and capability in people management. This links with the HR business partner model to enable managers to be less reliant on HR for support and embeds a coaching approach.

Talent Management

We work with our clients to manage, support and develop your talent to meet the needs of your business.

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