Conflict Resolution

Enabling a sustainable resolution

We have developed this approach based on many years of experience in human resources dealing with formal HR investigations and processes. We believe that formal HR processes and investigations rarely reach a sustainable resolution for all parties. We have developed an expertise in mediation to resolve conflict at the source.

Our approach to mediation is to work with the parties to resolve issues at an early stage through a facilitated discussion, finding a future focused resolution by understanding each other’s needs and expectations.

This approach can be used in place of grievances, disciplinaries and bullying and harassment claims.

This meets ACAS code of conduct and it avoids protracted investigations, hearings, appeals, potential litigation and employment tribunals supporting the parties back to work and get the team functioning again with an agreed plan on how to work together in future.

We believe that this process is future focused, effective and saves time, money and helps the parties come together in a supportive environment.

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