Case Study

Xpress Coaching

Our Xpress Coaching programmes have been a revelation, for both us and our clients. Let’s take a look at how this new way of coaching has impacted our clients in their day-to-day operations.

The Challenge

NHS Leaders experience their most challenging and pressurised working conditions during the winter months. The emergence of Covid-19 pandemic has added new and more devastating challenges to the mix, pushing our healthcare system to its capacity. An environment under so much stress eventually impacts the people working within. So, what kind of support could be offered to NHS leaders to give them some time and space to focus, reflect on a current issue or challenge, re-energise and create a path forward.

Our Solution

Xpress Coaching. We developed a coaching programme which offered single, standalone coaching sessions with a professional coach for NHS leaders and individuals to focus on themselves. The sessions last 45 minutes and can be taken during the working day. This format enables even the busiest of teams to find the time to reflect and reset which can be invaluable in high-pressure situations.

The Action

We mobilised our team of coaches to offer coaching sessions at times to suit all levels of NHS staff. We worked closely with our clients to package up the programme for ease of implementation; from promoting the coaching offer to staff all the way through to the evaluation stage.

Sessions were available for all staff to request; upon receiving a request we conducted a triage to match the applicant to the coach, and all coaching requests were responded to within two working days – with sessions booked with five.

Our person centred approach to the sessions focused on the coachees’ needs and, utilizing a range of coaching practices, skills and experience we were able to sign post to other resources and support where appropriate.

The Results

We delivered more than 300 Xpress sessions, and upon surveying found the following:

  • 100% of participants stated the session met their coaching need
  • 97% of participants stated their coach was very helpful or extremely helpful in supporting them to identify solutions to their challenge/issue
  • 90% of participants stated Xpress Coaching was better than or exceeded their expectations

The Feedback

And this is what some of our Xpress Coaching clients had to say:

  • ‘A fantastic opportunity to speak openly to someone outside of the organisation’
  • ‘Excellent process, especially for people who don’t think they need it!’
  • ‘The allocated time was perfect, any longer and it would have eaten into my day’
  • ‘I was pleasantly surprised by Xpress Coaching, I found it really helpful, it exceeded my expectations’